Thanks to the contributions obtained from important regional calls, such as the Arché 2020 call and the Tech Fast call, we were able to implement avantgarde equipment and develop innovative projects.

In particular, the project for the Tech Fast call, which focuses on strengthening research, development and innovation, sees us engaged in the creation of a prototype solution which aims to develop an articulated system that uses an AMR (Autonomous Mobile Robot) to move a robot (mainly collaborative) within processing or assembly departments in the industrial sector.

The robot, equipped on the wrist with a high-resolution Smart Camera with lighting system, will detect the position and orientation of the pieces lying on the pallet on board AMR, storing the data; the AMR with the pallet will enslave the stations in process and, once positioned in front of the exchange station, the pallet will be positioned in the working position for the robot in charge of loading / unloading the machine, with consequent sending to the latter previously stored data.

Project development step:

First design phase
Advanced design
Start of cell construction
Bimu Tech Fast